Patch Notes v1.33

Patch 1.33 brings big changes to Bloodseeker and Juggernaut.


What's New

  • Fixed some old bugs.
  • Added new ones.




  • Added new class property
    • When Fighter's health drops below 40%, he gets Enrage buff for 12 seconds. Enrage effect is unique for each Specialty. Has 60 seconds cooldown.
  • New Ability: Slam
    • Description: Slams a target, causing [35% of Attack Damage] damage.
  • Fixed not gaining mana when taking damage because of Shield.



  • The First Seal Ability
    • Now is learned automatically at the start of the game.
    • Fixed interaction with new Shield mechanic and now reduces incoming damage before Shield absorption.



  • Specialty: Bloodpath
    • Now overrides The First Seal damage reduction value to 15%.
    • Now increases Shield Recovery value from equipment by 25%.
    • Removed Blood Shield mechanic.
    • Vampiric Strike effect changed and now recovers 5% Shield instead.
  • Blood For Blood Ability
    • Manacost decreased from 45 to 35.
    • Attack Power damage decreased from 60% to 47.5%.
    • Heal increased from 5/6/7/8/9% to 10/12/14/16/18%.
    • Now heals minimum 10% of maximum health.
    • Now heals for each applied disease only; base amount removed.
  • Bloody Alliance Talent
    • Old: Whenever Blood Shield absorbs damage more than 5% of your maximum health, it heals random allied hero within 400 range for that much damage. → New: Whenever you take damage more than 10% of your maximum health, heal random allied hero in 400 AoE for that much amount.
  • Occult Runes Talent
    • Old: While The First Seal is active, you gain 25% of dealt damage by auto-attacks as a Blood Shield. → New: While The First Seal is active, recover your Shield for 10% of dealing damage. Retain 4% under other Seals.
  • Crystallization Talent
    • Old: Blood Shield leech reduced by 15%. Blood Shield absorption goes after all damage reductions (armor, block, etc). → New: 15% Lifesteal for Vampiric Strike.
  • Territory of Abhorrence Talent
    • Now affects base Shield instead.
    • Recovery reduced from 3% to 1%.
  • Blade Armor Talent
    • Attack power bonus rescaled from 6 per armor to 10% of Shield Capacity from equipment.

Dev Note: Bloodseeker has long been a very tenacious hero. With the appearance of base Shield, he became invulnerable and was the only hero capable of going through the dungeons alone.


  • Added Specialty: Blade Dancer
    • Enrage effects: 30% Evasion.
    • Slam applies Deep Wounds stack.
  • New Ability: Heavy Gust
    • Max level — 1.
    • Description: Dodging an incoming attack grants Juggernaut a unique attack against the attacker. Causes [200% of Attack Damage] damage and a mini-stun. Also passively gives 10% Evasion chance.
  • Whirlwind of Blades Ability
    • Damage interval reduced from 0.25 to 0.1 seconds.
    • Attack Power damage decreased from 65% to 45%.
    • Removed 1.5s damage immunity mechanic.
    • Re-cast window reduced from 1.5 to 0.1 seconds.
    • Now applies Dizziness effect after end of spinning. Dizziness slows movespeed by 25% for 1.5s for each used charge.
    • Fixed a bug when the charges could disappear forever.
  • Deep Wounds Ability
    • Optimized ability proc.
    • Bleeding damage rescaled from 80/90/100/110/120% to 70%.
    • Damage interval now affected by Haste.
    • Now damages at the start after applied.
  • Execution Ability
    • No longer applies Deep Wounds stack.
    • No longer heals for 30% of max health.
    • Now can only be cast on enemies that have 25% health or less.
    • Attack Power damage rescaled from 30/35/40/45/50% to 50%-100%.
    • Cooldown increased from 13 to 15.
    • Manacost rescaled from 10 to 10-40.
    • Attack Power damage now based on how much mana spent on this ability.
  • Bloodletting Ability
    • Added visual effect.
  • Final Judgement Talent
    • Updated description for clarity of Execution change.
    • Proc condition changed from "20% health or lower" to "if target survived".
    • Effect changed from 50% Attack Speed to 15% Haste.
    • Fixed a bug when effect is not applied when casting on low-health creeps.
  • Endless Blades Talent
    • Manacost reduction rescaled from 10% to constant 5.
    • Fixed a bug when the manacost didn't update if the ability was learned before the talent was initialized.
  • No punishment awaits me Talent
    • Removed no longer relevant bonus due to Execution change.

Dev Note: "Whirlwind of Blades" total damage increased from 130% AP + 180 to 135% AP + 270.
All future Melee Damage Dealers will have passive ability similar to Juggernaut's Heavy Gust and Queen of Outlaw's Deflects.



  • Troll Berserker
    • Level reduced from 4 to 1.
    • Attack Damage rescaled from 24-32 to 20-20.
    • Health increased from 175 to 200.
    • Attack time increased from 0.8 to 1.0.
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