Patch Notes v1.32

September 6th 2022 Update.


  • Removed attribute "Haste rating".
  • Added new rooms in range between 6 and 10 depths.
  • All heroes base attack speed decreased to zero.
  • Fixed a bug with enemy searching by AI.
  • Fixed Haste calculation bug on non-heroes units.
  • Fixed a bug when Shield's durability could exceed the maximum cap.



  • Attack damage increased from 60 to 72.
  • Attack range increased from 125 to 150.

Moss the Betrayer

Moss returns as boss for 10th room with few changes.

  • Now Moss uses special ability instead of regular auto-attacks (its cast time and cooldown affected by Haste).
  • Rip Apart Ability
    • Cast range increased from 225 to 350.
    • Cooldown increased from 9 to 15 seconds.
    • Now can be dodged if the target is already out of cast range.
  • Earth Clap Ability
    • Radius increased from 290 to 400.
    • No longer stuns.
    • Now knockbacks enemies in radius.
    • Cooldown increased from 16 to 28.
  • Frenzy Roar Ability
    • Fixed interaction.
    • Now applies 20% Haste reduction debuff to enemies for 10 seconds.
  • Valiant Struggle Ability
    • Duration decreased from 20 to 12.
    • Cooldown decreased from 22 to 13 (goes on cooldown at the end of duration).


  • Added new creeps type.


Right now there are only a few items available. All because of problems with creating images for them. In order to add variety to the library, not all items will have previews yet.

Everyone who played Throne of Heroes before rework got an item of Legacy rarity — Boon of Pioneer. As a thanks for joining to beta. Also you will find in your armory extra copies for each played hero. You can use these copies for upcoming features.

  • Minimum level of possible drops reduced from 10 to 4.
  • Added 3 new Chest-slot droppable items to the library.
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