Patch Notes v1.31

August 20th 2022 Update.


  • Reputation points reward temporarily increased by ~20%.
  • Fixed and re-enabled Shield mechanic.
    • This Shield protects from physical damage.
    • Shield durability indicators is shown above units.



  • Skeleton Rascal
    • Mortal Cold
      • Radius decreased from 700 to 600.
      • Projectile speed decreased from 500 to 400.
      • Projectile now is dodgeable.
      • Projectile now lasts only 2 seconds.

Dev Comment: Skeletons were too much of a problem for the starting rooms level.


  • Hedgerawls will now only start spreading Goo when an enemy appears nearby.
  • Barkers no longer cast Goo on themselves.
  • Hedgerawl Protector's passive now has 900 radius.
  • General AI improvements.

Dev Comment: Some Hedgerawl stacks were very dangerous snowball threats.So they could turn into unkillables.


  • Fixed attribute value calculation.
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