Patch Notes v1.30

August 14th 2022 Update.



Full reworked gameplay.

Primary target: Defend The World Tree and eliminate world bosses → Complete a series of monster-filled rooms (similar to Aghanim's Labyrinth).

Starting room / Hub
Starting room / Hub

Heroes enter a dungeon with randomized path of rooms. Clear all enemies in a room to move onto the next.

Every 5th room is boss encounter.

The team has a counter of allowable deaths. Until the counter reaches 70 deaths, heroes can be resurrected after death.

The game ends when the team are out of lives and dead.

At the end of each match, armor is given out as a lifetime progress reward. The player can equip them on the hero on our website, just like talents system worked.

With equipment, you will be able to go through more rooms.

Right now there are few variations of equipment, but they will be added in the future.


We didn't touch the heroes during this rework. Some of them may partially not be adapted to the new gameplay.

We will fix it in the next patches.


It is also obvious that many items don't work anymore. Not yet removed.

The plans are to make only consumables available to buy during the game.

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