Patch Notes v1.28

December 14th 2021 Update.


  • Fixed a bug with win camera position.
  • Fixed a bug with level up requirements at 10th, 20th, 30th levels.
  • Slightly reduced XP requirements for 2nd and 3rd levels.
  • Level up requirements after 3rd level are now increasing more smoothly.
  • The World Tree health reduced from 10000 to 100.
  • The World Tree now takes only 1 damage per attack.
  • The World Tree now deals damage equal to 50% of maximum health to creeps.
  • The World Tree attack range decreased from 350 to 250.
  • Players can no longer deny the World Tree.
  • Players now can attack the World Tree to restore 1 health to it.


New items type: Portals

Players were asked to make an easier path to get to the bosses. It was ugly to redo the locations and shorten them. Instead, one of the community members came up with a good idea.

In the shop, you can now purchase portals for all bosses, which allow you to easily teleport to a place right in front of their pits.

New item type: Orders

This type has only one variant so far. It allows you to delay the wave of creeps in the middle lane. This item will allow you to buy some time so that the Midlaner can help to defeat the boss. The idea also belongs to our community member.

In the future, there will be other Orders, for example, for the spawning an additional wave.


  • All neutral creeps health and attack rescaled.
  • XP on each next realm now grows exponentially. Now heroes need to kill an average of 16 creeps in appropriate realm to level up.



  • Boss Endurance rescaled:
    2 players: from 0%/0% to -25%/-50%.
    3 players: from +50%/+50% to 0%/0%.

Jungle Boss

  • Rescaled all abilities damage for 1-2 players mode.
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