Patch Notes v1.23

November 28th 2021 Update n2.


  • The amount of experience required to level up now increases by 1.5 times after each 10 levels.
  • Fixed impassable invisible areas in the redesigned jungle map.
  • Added a visual indicator for Attack Power and Spell Power.



  • Tame Beast mechanic improved: now actually tames the beast instead of destroying it to create a new copy.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed taming a lot of beasts at once if the very first one died.


  • Rescaled Boss Endurance incoming damage reduction:
    1-2 players — 0%
    3 players — 20%
    4 players — 30%
    5 players — 45%
  • Final Boss no longer gains double bonus from Boss Endurance.

Jungle Boss

  • Attempt to fix AI (#2).
  • Now will only cast Frenzy Roar if it is near an enemy.
  • Earth Clap: damage value now is adaptive.
  • Added sound effects.