Patch Notes v1.19

November 12th 2021 Update.


  • Optimized spawning of neutral creeps at the start of the game.
  • Improved neutral creeps AI.



Bloodseeker returned to the game and joined the Sectarian class. Fully reworked and fresh.

  • Strength growth increased from 3.25 to 4.
  • Base intelligence and intelligence growth removed.

New Sectarians Class and Bloodseeker's Specialty: Bloodpath


New Class Ability: Vampiric Strike

Dev Note: Boiling Blood removed as an ability, but the name is now used for disease.

New Class Ability: Touch of Darkness

New Class Abilities: Seals

New unique switchable ability for different tactics and adaptivity.

To make it easier to understand how this spell works, look below.

New Ultimate Ability: Heart Grip

Blood For Blood reworked

Old: Causes your auto-attacks deal 1.5% of your current health as damage but you lose 1.5% of remaining health per second. Lasts 6 seconds.

Blood Rite reworked

  • Now costs 2 Unholy Charges.
  • Radius increased from 285 to 400.
  • Silence effect removed.
  • Duration increased from 3 to 8 sec.
  • Now deals damage per second over its duration.
  • Added new property: Pauses Boiling Blood duration and makes it 50% more effective.


Removed talents:

  • Blood Shield Upgrade
  • Silence Duration (Blood Rite)
  • Dried Blood
  • More Blood
  • Blood Plague
  • Greatest Ritual
  • Heart Will
  • Death Strike
  • Red Scent
  • Life Devour
  • Bloodstorm
  • Blood Pact

Dev Note: Most of these talents were tied to removed Bloodseeker spells. Some of them may be returned after rework.

New Tier I-1 talent: Bloody Alliance
Whenever Blood Shield absorbs damage more than 5% of your maximum health, you heal for that damage random allied hero within 400 range.

New Tier I-3 talent: Occult Runes
While The First Seal is active, you gain 25% of dealt damage by auto-attacks as a Blood Shield.

Tier I-4 talent Bloodbath reworked:
Old: Decreases Blood For Blood cooldown by 2 seconds.
New: Decreases Heart Grip cooldown by 2.5 seconds.

Tier II-1 talent Crystallization reworked:
Old: Increases Blood Shield maximum health by 20% of Bloodseeker's health.
New: Blood Shield leech reduced by 15%. Blood Shield absorption goes after all damage reductions (armor, block, etc).


Aquatic Boss

  • Fixed a bug that the boss kill was not recorded in web stats.

Dev Note:  New shards and Tier IV equipment is still on the way.

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