Update v1.04 August 22th, 2021

Patch Notes v1.04


  • After killing the boss, a portal now appears in his pit, which can teleport heroes to the base.
  • Updated the terrain of all boss pits due to new portals.


  • Fixed incorrect counting.
  • Desert Boss kill now gives 10 points (up from 5).
  • Winning the game before 25 minutes now gives an extra 20 points.
  • Winning the game before 35 minutes now gives an extra 10 points.


  • Lane creeps base XP reward increased from 35 to 67.

Dev Note: Now the first wave can give 2 levels for one hero.


  • Fixed AI while being silenced.
  • Fixed AI while one of NPC's abilities is inactive.

Jungle Boss

  • XP reward increased from 2000 to 2070.
  • Frenzy Roar: Fixed increasing attack damage instead of decreasing.

Desert Boss

  • XP reward increased from 2000 to 2970.

Final Boss

  • Added new abilities: Felblade of the Chosen One, Pit of Malice and Firestorm.
  • Magical resistance decreased from 62% to 60%.
  • Health reduced from 1000000 to 100000.



  • Added default itembuild.
  • Heart Will talent: Fixed a bug due to which the owner couldn't die while the Blood Shield exists.
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